EdCast SkillsDNA

Organizational Skills Under Your Control

Develop a system to skill, re-skill and up-skill across your organization with all the tools you need to ingest, assess, normalize, manage, map, track and grow skills.

Motivate and energize the workforce by fostering a culture of skill building.

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Skill Taxonomy

  • One central unified language across your organization for skills.
  • Ingest, assess, normalize and validate meaning using a common vocabulary
  • Well Defined manual and AI-proctored mappings across functions
  • Enable Managers and HR functions to use the same language

AI-Powered Skills Infrastructure

  • Comprehensive skill metadata extraction, inference and cataloging
  • Domain specific data cleansing, aggregation and training
  • Full lifecycle skills management at individual, functional and organizational levels
  • Enterprise grade security and privacy capabilities

Skills Matrix

  • Multi-dimensional skills-capability and competency definition
  • Intuitive organization of skills and job role mappings
  • Content, project and role to skills mapping
  • Highly flexible and customizable layout designed to meet your needs today and into the future
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Enable Skilling in the Flow of Work


  • With EdCast's AI powered knowledge cloud, you can create a unified index of all your content and provide contextual content to the user in their flow of work
  • Access external content or content from your LCM, Shared Repositories, Content providers or theLMS in any channel - MS Teams, Facebook, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, MS Excel, Google Search, O365, ServiceNow, Slack and GSuite

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Nine comprehensive capabilities to help you build your own skills architecture.

Unified Platform for all your Skilling needs


  • Integrate with any talent management suite to enable learning experience based on an user's career goals
  • Use 360 feedback from peer and manager to identify additional upskilling needs
  • Use the Skill directory to explore 1000s of jobs and the skills needed (Powered by O'net data)
    Centrally manage all skills certification using EdCast's Skills passport

Leverage Data Driven Decisions Across the Enterprise

  • Make informed decisions using pre-built and customizable dashboard powered by learner's activity data
  • Access all learner activity data using APIs in near real time to feed data into your internal BI or analytics tools
  • Track learner completions using EdCast’s learning record store (LRS) and meet all your compliance needs

EdCast SkillsDNA Engine

Comprehensive set of tools to help you address the skills gap in organizations. These tools can be used to complement, support and enhance ingestion, assessment, normalization, management, tracking and use across functional boundaries.

Improve Workforce Productivity

Develop smarter professionals who are better equipped to deal with the challenges of today’s work environment.

Build Workforce

Prepare professionals across functional boundaries to meet the requirements of modern organizations.

Develop a Skills Exchange

Create an environment to value skills that sparks collaboration across your organization.